Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most effective way to print a lighter graphic onto a darker shirt, and is the least expensive style of printing when ordering in bulk.

We highly recommend choosing the Screen Printing option if you need a large quantity of shirts all with the same logo or graphic.

The pricing and completion time for a screen printed order can very widely based on the amount of colors in the graphic, how many shirts are being ordered, and how much labor is involved.

Some things to keep in mind:


  • The graphic cannot exceed the dimensions of 11.5″ x 11.5″ in order to ensure perfect coverage
  • Ink options can range from basic, neon, metallics, and glitters.
  • Your graphic will be bright and bold on any color shirt, even black!
  • The screen printing process is not optimal for highly detailed graphics, such as a photograph.

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Below is an example of a two color screen print on black.


Below are more examples of screen printing

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